Criminal Law

Criminal law 

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Criminal law

Criminal law is the part of the legal system which is connected with a crime. It regulates social behavior and forbids every conduct that is harmful or endangers other people. This law represents system of rules that classify certain deviant behavior as a crime and that happens when a society or a Government decides that certain conduct is dangerous for wellbeing of other people. This conduct is sanctioned with a fine or with a prison, depending on a crime.


fedMost crimes are classified in statute and the have been approved by the federal, state and local legal bodies. For example: if you are conducting some inappropriate behavior like drunk driving or drinking on public place, city may determine what is the punishment for that violation, on the other hand if you decide to rob a bank, considering that bank is federal institution, federal Government will decide the course of that crime.

People who are found guilty whether they admitted it as a “guilty” plea or they were sentenced by a jury can be punished trough fines, imprisonment, probation and community service.

Crimes include felonies like murder and rape, as well as misdemeanors like less serious offences, petty theft and jaywalking. First set of offences is punishable by imprisonment and punishment for that kind of act is from a year up to a several years. For the other set of offences punishment is less than a year.

Criminal law

All statues can be broken down when they are describing criminal behavior. Most crimes include two elements: an act or “actus reus” and a mental state “mens rea”. The prosecutors must prove each element in order to prove prosecuted guilty and he must convince the jury and the judge that every fact that is presented to the court is beyond reasonable doubt. All this and more you can visit this hyperlink.

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