Internet Identity Theft

Internet identity theft and how to stop it 

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Internet Identity Theft

This is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to you, and what’s worse, it can cost you lot of money, time and nerves.


One of the easiest ways to steal your identity are Web sites that offer specific financial services or offer credit cards. When applying via the Internet for such a credit card you are giving all the information that fraudsters need, at the end they only have to change the address of a shipment, if you have been granted the credit card. When it arrives at the address of swindlers and later when the bills pile up the bank will ask you to pay those bills.

Another way is false promoters. In this case, they offer you the applications for credit cards that look like the real one, you out of curiosity fill out one of these forms. These forms are later restated, or some of the data is changed, if the card has been approved it will go into the hands of swindlers. They Change your name and address and information related to your card won’t get to you. You can always ask for help moved here.

The third way is a phone call. In telephone calls are usually connected with some kind of a “rush”, fraudsters say that you spent huge amount of money from the card, and that you’re bound to a certain amount of money, which is abnormally high and the unlike. Fraudsters will do everything to make you mad or scared and to use easiest way to get to a certain information that will be later used for fraud. They will usually represent themselves as officials of banks, big companies or even as policemen.

To prevent identity theft:

Never fill in any application outside the Bank, or if some promoters of banks come to your company, they are required to identify themselves.

Do not leave the reports on ATM or in the Recycle Bin.

Check your balance at least once a week.

Do not use a credit card to purchase over the Internet. Use only e banking cards.

Ask your bank not to send you reports on your credit card to your home or on address or e-mail (go personally to the bank and check the status of your own).

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